Yes God will.

It is common to hear people quote Romans 8:28 during difficult times. You know the verse that explains that God is always working out the greater good for those who love Him. In order to grasp what Paul is saying here, you have to examine the whole chapter. Paul begins in vs 18 to explain from suffering to Glory and finishes the chapter by explain God's everlasting love. Great you say but what about now? Does God not know that I am hurting financially, physically, or relationally? The answer is Yes. Read again Romans 8:32.

Paul understand the battle between the flesh and Spirit. Paul is explaining that some of our wants and desires are flesh related but Paul explains that his intent was to boost our confidence in the promises of God. May be right now, You have lost something or someone. The question is Has God ever lost something or someone? Absolutely. God sacrifices His Son so YOU could have a relationship with Him and to be freeed from the power of sin.

When you begin to doubt the goodness of God because of your personal circumstances, always come back to this thought but he gave up his Son for me. Brandon Cox wrote "What more could I ask? What more could I expect? He’s already gone infinitely beyond what I deserve in taking care of my spiritual well-being. He’s proven he’ll stop at nothing to secure us for all of eternity." Maybe if we change our focus to what God has done instead of what we feel that God is not doing, we can see things in a different light.

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