Why Pastors need Help

Crucial Issue #6: The Need to Build a Revitalization Team.

Another of the crucial issues in a plateaued or declining church is the failure to build a Revitalization Team to prepare the congregation for the impending needed changes.

I am grateful for the seven that have chosen to walk alongside of me to Advise, Work, and Encourage me in our continued effort in GBC revitalization. I am confident that is why God sent me to GBC. I also thank the Lord and Our DOM for the input on how this team is to formed and its purpose.

It is common for churches that are the size of GBC to have lone ranger Pastors. These are churches who have under 100 in their weekly worship services. It is common that church roles or membership books due not match the weekly attendance. it is often common for many members to think that the many task involved in a church fall on the Pastor because that is what he gets paid to do. That is not my mentality and I do not see a lone ranger Pastor/Elder model in scripture either. This new team is a better fit and here is why. The role of the Lead Pastor with this AWE team is to be the leader, not the dictator.  While it may be true that the Lead Pastor may have the best mental picture from the Lord as to what revitalization might need to look like in the church, he must not conclude that he is the only one whom the Lord might speak to and lead to be fruitful in this endeavor.  The Lead Pastor must have a good balance between the function of teach/equip and the function of listen/learn.

According to Dr. Craig childs "God often uses such a revitalization coalition to bring about the changes needed which the Lead Pastor would not be able bring about on his own."

thanks for reading, see you next week

Rev. Eddie

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