• Eddie McClure

What is Driving GBC

Crucial Issue #3:  Understanding Phairisaism--The Pride of "Preferences".

When it comes to ministry within the Lord's Kingdom, there are principles and preferences.

The principles are those dynamics of ministry prescribed by or reasonable deduced from the teachings of the Scriptures. These may never be changed.

Preferences are our methods or processes or traditions of how to do ministry.  It seems to me that there are three different categories of preferences.

1.  We may have preferences enshrined in our methods of our church which Scripture does not allow.  We must repent and cast these away.

2.  We may have meshed ourselves into preferences which are permitted by Scripture and which have proved to be fruitful in the past, but apparently these preferences are no longer used by the Holy Spirit to bear fruit TODAY for the Kingdom ministry of your church.  We need to prayerfully consider which preferences the Lord may be leading us to change in order to become fruitful again in our ministry as a church.

3. We may have embedded into our ministries such preferences which are not only permitted by Scripture but are also being used by God to bear fruit TODAY in the ministries of our churches.  By all means, we should continue these preferences until the Holy Spirit leads us differently.

Thomas Rainer wrote a book called How to be a Church Member a few years ago. In this book, Rianer suggested that many view the church as a country club. In chapter 3,Rainer writes specifically about my preferences or desires. The point of the book is to point what scripture says about being a church member and what scripture does not say. Rainer writes "Christians can sometimes act just like those demanding children who want things thier way." What this is implies is that being a church member is not about YOU. Belonging to a local church is about mre than you. It is about meeting the needs of others, serving others, giving to others, and sacrificing for others. Here are things that Rainer suggest that you can determine if GBC or your church is preference driven. 1. Worship wars, 2. Prolonged minutia meetings, 3. Facility focus, 4. Program driven, 5.Inwardly focused budget, 6. Inordinate demands for pastoral care, 6. attitudes of entitlement, 7. Greater concern for change than the Gospel, 8. Anger and hostility, and lastly Evangelistic apathy. So what do want for GBC. I want to concentrate on why we are here. We exist to bring anyone to Christ Jesus. We should strive to have the attitude that Paul writes about in Philippians 2:5-11. This passage teaches us how we should follow Christ. Jesus showed us the how and now it is long past time to actually do it. Thanks for reading, see you next time.

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