Are You Weary or Tired

Jesus said "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you

rest." Why would Jesus say that. Were the people in his audience busy. Did God come down from heaven so they could rest.

No, Religious leaders in Jesus day were like some church leaders in our day. They push rules, shame and guilt on the ones who are listening. Jesus did not do it that way and neither should we. When we look at the life of Jesus, His methods were the methods in which Pastor's should imitate.

1. Jesus was inclusive and not exclusive. When Jesus says Come to me, Jesus is saying to come just as you are. So many feel like they need to get their life right before coming to Jesus. This is not the case with Jesus, Come to Jesus and let Him do the rest.

2. Jesus understood. Jesus understand you and Jesus understands the world in which we live in. Jesus lived in the world He created. He lived in its brokenness so that He could understand YOU.

#3. Jesus gives a message that has real power behind it. Jesus knows who He is and He knows what God has entrusted Him to do. Jesus knows that "He is the way, life, and truth" It is up to YOU to accept His invitation.

You know these last few weeks have been tiring on Pastors to. As a pastor, I need the people as much as they feel they might need me. It is not that I am something special, it is the sense of belonging. We belong to a community and it is tough being separated. It is tough hearing the news about how many people are dying. It is tough knowing people you care about and even people you do not know are going through some very tough times. It is in these moments when Jesus' words usher a new sense of peace in my heart. I hear the God who lives me whispering "Come to Me", I can handle it. So that is what I do, I leave it with Jesus knowing that God is control. These weeks have been trying but I have never gone through so must refreshing. Stay tuned as I will share more in next weeks blog.

thanks for reading

REv. Eddie

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