At Grace Baptist, our ministries revolve around five Bibical concepts. You will discover that as a Church, we are passionate about Evangelism, Discipleship, Fellowship, Missions, and Worship.



      Prayer is something that Rev.Eddie believes in fully.  Everyone is invited to a Tuesday prayer group that meets in the Daniel Prayer room at 11:00 am. On Wednesdays, a group of Pastors and Lay people get together at 11:00am and pray for revival and spirtiual awakening. Often these special moments conclude with going out together to eat and fellowship together.

Elders / Seniors


         At Grace we respect our Elders and make it a point to teach the next generation to do so as well. We look to our Elders for spirtual wisdom as they play a key role in many of the ministires in the Church. One of the highlights of the year is the senior banquet in which we recognize the great appreciation that we have for them.

Sunday School

      We still believe that Sunday School plays a key role in Christian maturity. This is why we have Sunday school classes for all ages from birth to seniors. We are blessed to have great teachers who share the gifts that God has given them. Classes begin at 9:45 and dismiss at 10:45.

Community Groups 

  We want to continue to grow in our relationship with Jesus and each other. We do this by staying connected in small groups called Community Groups. Current we have a Women's group and a Men's group. We are always looking and excited to add more as we continue to do life together. 

Children/ SOARS/Youth


      We understand the importance of planting seeds and disciplining the next generation of Church leaders. We currently offer Team Kids.  We divide the boys and girls up into their appropriate age . All ages are taught the important role of being servants as followers of Christ. We do several mission opportunities around the Church and the community each year.



     We are blessed with a great music minister, pianist, and organist. In the 8:30 service, we have a praise team called Heaven Help Us. In the 11:00 service, we are lead by a choir. On weds. evening, the preschoolers, young boys and girls do music on thier level. They perform an Christmas play and Easter special each year.



    Every October we have our annual revival.   God continues to bless us with great evengalist and singers.  God continues to use this event to bring people into a relationship with Jesus and strengthen the body of believers that makes up Grace Baptist Church.

 Womens Minstry 

    Aduult Women and teenage girls are in involed in Womens Missionary Union. On the third Monday of each month, they meet ways in which we can serve our community. The meetings start at 6:30 pm.

  Men's Ministry  

   The Men's ministry is known as Brotherhood. The purpose of this ministry is for Men to train young men how to be Godly Men. The Men often do projects around the church, church partners houses, and projects around in the community.

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